Environmental Law

In everchanging sectors characterized by complex regulations such as those on Environment, H&S, Food and Criminal,  combines over twenty years of professional experience with a high scientific profile.

 main Clients are important chemical-food groups, leading companies in drilling and geo-inspection activities for natural resources, petroleum and lubricant companies dedicated to the refining and distribution of products, world leading groups in the production of generic drugs, companies in production and management of renewable sources, companies specialized in environmental, waste and landfill management services, numerous companies engaged in the production and sale of energy, public bodies and cement plants.

Furthermore,  assists Italian and foreign multinational companies operating in food, chemical-pharmaceutical, defence, oil & gas, energy, banking and real estate sectors as well as other law firms not holding its specialization.

The specialized assistance provided by  to its clients covers all legal issues related to environmental matters, under the various profiles of criminal responsibility (environmental and urban planning crimes), administrative (sanctions, authorization procedures, relations with the public administration and trials) and civil law (active and passive actions, legal assistance in environmental damage, contractual and extra-contractual compensation disputes), ensuring assistance both in Courts and in extraordinary and ordinary day by day support to the management.


  • waste and landfill management
  • waste-to-energy and incinerators
  • remediation of contaminated sites
  • management of water resources and discharges
  • atmospheric, acoustic and electromagnetic pollution
  • application of emission trading rules and ESG
  • management, settlement and compensation for environmental damage
  • dangerous substances, asbestos and substances (REACH)
  • environmental compatibility assessments (EIA – Environmental Impact Assessment, SEA – Strategic Environmental Assessment and Impact Assessment for Natura 2000 sites) and related authorization procedures
  • issue and renewal of the integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC)
  • application of urban planning rules, landscape-environmental constraints and protected areas
  • fossil, nuclear and alternative and renewable sources energy sector
  • protection of public health, workers and safety in factories, plants and building sites
  • internal audits and environmental due diligence