Health and Safety Law

 attorneys assist Clients in all legal matters relating to H&S in the workplace regarding criminal, administrative and civil liability, supporting the Employer in planning and managing daily issues.


  • organization, structuring and management of the company production processes
  • criminal trials for crimes of injury and homicide in the workplace
  • fulfilling the obligations of mapping, prevention and risk assessment
  • internal appointments and delegations regarding H&S liability and obligations
  • H&S profiles in the organization, structuring and management of temporary or mobile contracts
  • machinery and equipment safety compliance and PPE
  • dangerous substances and chemical, physical or biological agents
  • management of toxic gases, electrical and computer screens H&S profiles
  • disputes for the compensation of damages related to violations of the law and accidents
  • disputes related to accidents in the workplace and the related liability of the company
  • audit and due diligence on production plants and companies

 supports companies in the ordinary management of safety risks, in Court, with audits and due diligence or participation in the drafting of environmental covenants, as well as on other and different situations, such as:

  • real estate operations
  • construction, start-up, expansion, modernization or decommissioning and conversion of industrial plants, environmental service plants (landfills, waste-to-energy plants, etc.), as well as installations for the production, storage and distribution of energy
  • M&A transactions, business leases and the transfer of shareholdings
  • IPO and project finance

 ’s attorneys offer a high-quality service and can find the most suitable solution for Clients in both legal and business terms, ensuring direct, effective, accurate communication and assistance.