Francesco is an attorney qualified for the Higher Courts specialized in Criminal Law, he has gained a long professional experience in the extrajudicial and procedural legal assistance of public and private entities and companies involved as defendants or aggrieved parties for environmental, workplace safety, corporate and town and country planning crimes.

Francesco has specific knowledge and expertise on crime prevention and compliance management, through the implementation of oversight systems, drafting of 231 Models. Francesco has participated in various Supervisory Bodies and Control Bodies of the anti-corruption “Whisteblowing” system.

Member of the Certification Committee of the Agri-food Quality Department (DQA) of the “Centro Studi Giuridici” S.n.a.r.p. and of the Copacons and Copalcons observers at the Coordination of associations for the defense of the environment and the rights of users and consumers (Codacons), Francesco is the author of numerous publications on environmental and agri-food matters and is a scholar of Environmental Law at the University of Macerata.